Green Man Cannabis Ranch & Amphitheater - the World's First Weedery

Welcome to Green Man Cannabis Ranch & Amphitheater - the world's first weederyScheduled to open its doors in 2016, the weedery is a world-class marijuana cultivation center. Like a brewery or winery but for legal marijuana, the weedery will give the public the unique opportunity to tour an award-winning state of the art marijuana grow facility, listen to live music, and enjoy a meal, all while enjoying sweeping views of Colorado's Rocky Mountains.

The venue's unique features include over two acres of greenhouse open to the public for tours, a dispensary, gift shop and restaurant with a rooftop bar. The cultural epicenter of the facility is an outdoor amphitheater designed to seat 2,500 and play host to a gamut of entertainers. 

Through the conceptualization and creation of Green Man Cannabis Ranch & Amphitheater, we aim to educate people and inspire them to think about this industry and culture differently.  We'll do so by helping to remove stigmas and revealing truths, opening up a two-way conversation, and pulling back the curtain on this industry for the first time.  The Ranch will also serve the continue to push forward the conversation around legalization and liberalization of marijuana.  We've come far, but there's still much work to be done in setting this industry free.  We hope to create an undeniable experience for visitors from near and far and of all walks of life.

The visionary behind Green Man Cannabis Ranch & Amphitheater is Christian Hageseth, author of Big Weed: An Entrepreneur's High Stakes Adventures in the Budding Legal Marijuana Business (Macmillan, April 2015), and President and Chairman of award-winning Green Man Cannabis, LLC.  Mr. Hageseth has worked in the marijuana industry full-time since July of 2009 when he founded TGM Beneficial Care, LLC, the predecessor company of Green Man Cannabis, LLC.  He has been a long-time advocate for the liberalization and legalization of marijuana, pushing for heightened public education around the industry and its realities, created an award-winning brand and managed to continuously put the customer and quality first.

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