How to Grow Cannabis for Beginners?How to Grow Cannabis for Beginners?

Given that the use of cannabis or marijuana has been legalized by many states, now it is actually possible to grow it in your own garden. If you grow cannabis at home, it is more advantageous because you can look into quality control of these plants yourself and grow only those strains that are medically most suitable for you. If you are a beginner in growing cannabis, you can follow these guidelines:

  • To begin with, cannabis thrives in temperate climates. It will grow and die annually and you will need to plant it again the following year. It takes approximately 10-32 weeks for the plant to grow, and this largely depends on how big you want its size to be and the method you choose for growing it.
  • When growing cannabis for the first time, you need to decide whether to grow this indoors or outdoors. It is possible to cultivate weed almost anywhere, because it ultimately depends on the resources, space, and equipment you own.
  • The cannabis plant will start out as a seed that germinates into a seedling. A clone is when a cutting is taken from this plant and then made to grow into a new one, having the exact genetic makeup.
  • Once the seedling stage is over, the plant will enter the vegetative state. This is longest in duration during which it grows a main stalk and branches, with fan leaves but no buds.
  • The buds only appear in the flowering stage which is usually 2 months before you can harvest the plants. During harvest, you must cut down these plants, trim and dry them, and only then will the buds be ready for smoking.
  • Marijuana plants will need proper lighting to survive; it is called a photoperiod plant which means that the light it gets will ultimately decide when it will start producing buds. When you plant it outdoors, the light reduces as the seasons move from summer to fall. When you plant it indoors, you can tweak the artificial light settings from 18-12 hours.
  • Marijuana plants will need water and the amount keeps changing as they keep growing. Demand for water will also depend on the weather. You must ensure that the environment is one marked by optimum humidity and temperature for cannabis to thrive.
  • Weed needs nutrients in order to be healthy and strong; some marijuana strains may have complex nutrient demands. Potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen are the key nutrients you will need.
  • The plant needs airflow or ventilation and you can provide for this indoors by setting up fans. While beginners typically use soil when they start off, you can also choose from coco coir, perlite, etc.
  • Growing cannabis outdoors is easiest and also pocket-friendly because you can get the sun and all other natural resources. So, you must make sure the space you choose for growing weed gets enough sunlight. Growing cannabis indoors can turn out to be costly since you need to invest in utilities and equipment. You can buy cannabis with Bitcoin today. There are five ways that you can use Bitcoin to buy cannabis. There are even seed banks that ship you the seeds accepting Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the pioneer of cryptocurrency and widely traded through conventional as well as automated platforms like bitcoin profit plattform and more.
  • You also need to know which strain of marijuana to grow. Any plant will produce about ½-1 pound of buds. Choosing the right strain is important because people have different preference and different strains can affect you differently. You have to see which seeds are available in your state dispensaries. Moreover, some strains grow better in open areas or outdoors while some are meant for indoors and are stout and short. You will also see that some strains need more time to mature compared to others; so, if you are looking for a fast turnaround, opt for strains that require 8-9 weeks only.