Don’t Miss Out: Become a Foundation Member of the World’s First Weedery January 26 2015

Foundation Member Decal

Special Thanks to be Extended to All Indiegogo Contributors

As you know by now, later this year Green Man Cannabis will open the doors to Green Man Cannabis Ranch & Amphitheater and introduce the world to its very first weedery. Through the upcoming Indiegog campaign, scheduled to launch Friday, January 20th, contributors have the chance to support this project, purchase merchandise and experiences to be held at the weedery, and become a part of history.

Foundation Member Perks

While there are plenty of great merchandise and experiences to redeem for contributions, Green Man Cannabis wants to give special recognition to all Indiegogo contributors for the unique role they’ll play in this project. We’ve created a Foundation Member program, through which all members receive special VIP treatment at the venue. All Indiegog contributors are automatically enrolled in this program, and membership is reserved specifically for Indiegogo contributors only.

Foundation Members will enjoy perks such as exclusive discounts on purchases, advanced notice of upcoming shows and ticket sales at the amphitheater, an invitation to the Foundation Member Opening Night Party, and more. All Foundation Members will receive a unique membership number, which will be stored in the Ranch’s system and recognized upon visit or purchase. All members have the unique opportunity to say they played a role in making the Ranch come to life, and are now a part of its family, and we want to thank them accordingly.

Please don’t miss your opportunity to become a Foundation Member, and visit the Green Man Cannabis Ranch & Amphitheater Indiegogo campaign!