Don’t Miss Out: Become a Foundation Member of the World’s First Weedery January 26 2015

Foundation Member Decal

Special Thanks to be Extended to All Indiegogo Contributors

As you know by now, later this year Green Man Cannabis will open the doors to Green Man Cannabis Ranch & Amphitheater and introduce the world to its very first weedery. Through the upcoming Indiegog campaign, scheduled to launch Friday, January 20th, contributors have the chance to support this project, purchase merchandise and experiences to be held at the weedery, and become a part of history.

Foundation Member Perks

While there are plenty of great merchandise and experiences to redeem for contributions, Green Man Cannabis wants to give special recognition to all Indiegogo contributors for the unique role they’ll play in this project. We’ve created a Foundation Member program, through which all members receive special VIP treatment at the venue. All Indiegog contributors are automatically enrolled in this program, and membership is reserved specifically for Indiegogo contributors only.

Foundation Members will enjoy perks such as exclusive discounts on purchases, advanced notice of upcoming shows and ticket sales at the amphitheater, an invitation to the Foundation Member Opening Night Party, and more. All Foundation Members will receive a unique membership number, which will be stored in the Ranch’s system and recognized upon visit or purchase. All members have the unique opportunity to say they played a role in making the Ranch come to life, and are now a part of its family, and we want to thank them accordingly.

Please don’t miss your opportunity to become a Foundation Member, and visit the Green Man Cannabis Ranch & Amphitheater Indiegogo campaign!



Behind the Scenes of the Legal Marijuana Business January 15 2015

Founder Christian Hageseth gets candid about unique entrepreneurial pursuit in upcoming book

If you’re like many Americans, especially those in the great state of Colorado, you may have found yourself intrigued by the notion of the legal marijuana industry and even flirted with the idea of getting involved yourself. You may be asking yourself a number of questions, including:







  • How does one get involved in the legal marijuana industry
  • What type of people are in this industry?

  • What kind of background or skill sets are required?

  • Where is this industry going?

  • How would I navigate the various laws and restrictions?

  • What are the benchmarks of success in this type of business?

  • Is there a place for me the world of legal marijuana?

If this sound’s like you, you’re not alone. In fact you are in great company. Currently there are wheels spinning in many great minds, attempting to break into this world, refine a business plan, or just predict out where the heck we will be in 5 years. There are so many how’s, what-if’s, and why’s in this industry, it is still yearning for leaders to take the reins.

Through his book “Big Weed: An Entrepreneur’s High-Stakes Adventures in the Budding Legal Marijuana Business” (Macmillan, April 2015), entrepreneur Christian Hageseth recounts the journey (equal parts hilarious, heartwarming, and stress-inducing) that led him to spearhead one of the most successful legal marijuana operations in America, Green Man Cannabis, and bring his vision of the world’s first weedery to life through Green Man Cannabis Ranch & Amphitheater.

If you’re one of the many people interested in the inner workings of the legal marijuana industry, looking for a new entrepreneurial adventure, or simply want an excellent read, Christian Hageseth’s “Big Weed” is a great place to start. The book will be available for purchase the week of April 20, 2015, but you can preorder your copy now, and be sure to see what Amazon Vine reviewers are saying about it:

"Let Hageseth take you on an exciting journey of our country’s awakening!"

"This book is a quick and enjoyable read that makes me want to get up and head for Colorado and open up a business."

"It’s informative and suspenseful. And of course it makes one think that maybe they can do it too. If you are like me you will want to read all about it from someone who is living the dream. I found this to be an excellent book."

"His visionary stance at the end may even bring tears to your eyes, as it did mine."

"Christian Hageseth has a real nice writing style that I really enjoyed. I literately read the book from cover-to-cover in a couple of days."

What is the World's First Weedery? January 06 2015

What is a Weedery?

Many people have been asking us, “What is a weedery?” Great question. Why? Because a weedery has never existed before in history. Green Man Cannabis Ranch & Amphitheater will serve as the world’s very first weedery. A historical step forward in the legalization, liberalization and celebration of marijuana. Like a brewery or a winery, but for legal marijuana, the weedery will give the public the unique opportunity to tour an award-winning state of the art marijuana grow facility, listen to live music at the outdoor amphitheater, and enjoy a meal at the on-site bar and restaurant. All while enjoying sweeping views of the Colorado Rockies.

For years, the cultivation of marijuana has been shrouded literally and figuratively in a haze of smokescreens, serving as a magnificent though illegal example of horticultural art, study, and science. Colorado has led the way in slowly but surly bringing legal marijuana cultivation out of the basement and into the light, and through the weedery Green Man Cannabis has the unique opportunity to share the realities, the processes, and the people behind one of the country's most successful legal marijuana companies. Guests have the rare opportunity to tour the facility, led by highly knowledgeable and experienced staff, and gain a better understanding of the behind the scenes marijuana process, from grow to dispensary. 

"The Cannabis Ranch is my chance to normalize marijuana, to bring it to the world on such a scale that it cannot be ignored,” says Christian Hageseth, founder of Green Man Cannabis Ranch & Amphitheater, in his upcoming book Big Weed (published by Macmillan, April 2015).

Of the weedery’s tour, the book quotes Hagaseth as saying, “Our visitors will be embarking on a journey that mimics America’s own journey of enlightenment. As they move from the basement, they’re leaving marijuana’s past behind. When they enter the greenhouse, they’ll be looking at the future. From the closet out into the open. From the darkness into the light.”

To put it simply, the weedery is history in the making.

Welcome to Green Man Cannabis Ranch & Amphitheater January 06 2015

         Happy New Year

Hello, happy New Year, and welcome to the updated Green Man Cannabis Ranch & Amphitheater website.

Here we’ll be posting updates about this unique project, ways to get involved, timelines, and industry information, and we hope you’ll enjoy visiting it.

Many of you have heard about the Green Man Cannabis Ranch & Amphitheater – or the World’s First Weedery – for a while now, and some of you may be hearing about it for the first time. Either way, thank you for your curiosity and your support, and we hope you’ll keep an eye out for regular updates.

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